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Masisi is chief accomplice to “crimes” committed by Khama

Publishing Date : 23 October, 2018

Author :

Kesitegile Gobotswang (PhD)
BCP Deputy Leader

We at the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) refuse to buy the narrative peddled by some captured media houses and other anti-transformation forces that President Mokgweetsi Masisi is clean and innocent. These forces wants us to believe Masisi is all that we need to be a great nation and correct the wrongs of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Does it need a rocket scientist to appreciate that the narrative that once again we must trust the BDP to undo the damage it has done to our economy through systematic corruption and plunder for all the years in power is to take us the people for fools. We are where we are in terms of debilitating corruption and our country literally owned by foreigners because of BDP and the leadership of Masisi and former President Seretse Khama Ian Khama.

Whatever Khama and Isaac Kgosi (the former Director General of Intelligence and Security Services) is alleged to have done Masisi is involved and complicit. He was for the last ten years a Senior Minister and subsequently Vice President who defended all that he is now opportunistically opposing. He knows the adage that: "Batswana ba lebala ka bonako" very well. Not us at BCP.  We are not gullible. We are alert. We see what is happening.  We see beyond dark clouds.

We at BCP have been in the trenches not for cosmetic changes but enduring transformative changes. We want quality jobs for our people. We want equal opportunities for ALL BATSWANA based on merit, not that one is a card carrying member of BDP.  We know under Masisi corruption reigns supreme.  We know cases of Ministers who are heavily involved in conflict of interest situations that Masisi turns a blind eye to. At the right time we shall spill the beans.

Masisi is too compromised to bring any meaningful change. He is an accomplice to every crime committed against our people. He is an accomplice in chief. His hands are steeped in blood. The year 2019 the oppressed, the poor, the workers have an opportunity to send the BDP to the dustbin of history where it belongs. He has successfully deceived Khama for a decade. Batswana must be alive to this political turncoat.

Masisi knows the extent to which DIS misused state funds to sponsor the BDP. He is a beneficiary of National Petroleum Fund (NPF) funds that made sure that the Banonofi faction was crashed during the BDP Elective Congress in Tonota. He knows that some tertiary institutions owned by his party members have corruptly siphoned state funds by having government pay for ghost students and employing dubious accounting. He is complicit every step of the way.  When Khama and Kgosi are finally prosecuted he will inevitably be the second accused notwithstanding day in day out attempt to sanitize him by some paid newspapers.

The harm the DIS has done to public funds is enormous. BCP demands that Masisi appoint a judicial commission similar to state capture inquiry in South Africa. But we know he can't because he is both a witness and beneficiary. If an inquiry of that magnitude was undertaken Masisi will fall from grace like Nhlanhla Nene former South African Minister of Finance. He knows a lot about Mosu, BCL closure, Morupule B, Palapye Glass Factory, and the brutal murder of John Kalafatis among others.

Today he is in bed with China.  Nothing wrong if that will benefit our people not BDP.  The BCP demands transparency: what is the deal with China and what are the terms? We don't want to hear that some part of China deal will help BDP fight the opposition. That will be treasonous.

We call upon our people to mobilize for REAL change and not to return to power same party and people who robbed it all along and robbed our children of bright future. It is now or never. We will exorcise Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) of DIS sponsored infiltrators who want to keep BDP in power. We shall win in 2019 and restore the pride of our people.

We cannot be tutored by pseudo journalists who have never participated in our struggle on what is good for our country. BDP as a party has shown to all and sundry that it is all but a criminal syndicate. It cannot be reformed. It must be cast aside. Masisi cannot stop the tide. He is the weakest leader the BDP has ever had and that has nothing to do with his place of origin.

Masisi’s side-kicks the BDP Secretary General and his Deputy are total jokes - lamentably week opportunistic tenderpreneurs and not really well meaning BDP members. This explains why they cannot do anything to Khama as he runs amok with expelled party members.  Khama is the BDP and BDP is Khama Period. They fear him. Khama can't be stopped because he can see where Masisi's reversal of anything associated with his name is leading to. He knows that should Masisi win his (Khama’s) place is most probably in Prison. The stakes are much higher than most people think.

As for us at BCP our main interest is not in BDP internal fights.  We want real change. We want a new constitution that can strengthen institutions of democracy, bring in a fairer electoral system that can increase the representation of women and youth to parliament, disband and reconfigure the current DIS, Office of Ombudsman and Directorate for Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) to provide proper oversight.

We want Masisi to urgently convene a People's Assembly to debate a new constitution; he must call a jobs summit to debate the issue of unemployment in our country and stop playing games when our country is burning. Besides he is after all an illegitimate President. No one elected him as President. He is just a beneficiary of a constitutional automatic succession fraud created by the BDP who recently obtained an honorary doctorate degree fraudulently.



Do you think the courts will help put the UDC, BMD impasse within reasonable time ahead of the 2019 General Election?