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US top designer Clavon Leonard comes to Botswana

Publishing Date : 07 August, 2018


This weekend Fashion Meet BW will be hosting Clavon Leonard, a US based designer. Having graced big stages such as Vogue and New York Fashion Week Leonard will be alongside another fashion designer from Ghana as well as some designers at Culture Art Café BW runway in Molapo Crossing Mall.

A communiqué from the hosts, Flowetry Media House states that Clavon Leonard will be offering a meet and greet session with local designers, corporates, and those passionate about the field. The aim is to bridge the barrier between international fashion and local fashion.
Fashion Meet BW (FMB) aims to connect BW designers, fashion extraordinaire and the like with well renowned international designers. The idea is to break down border barriers and connect local designers with international brands that can connect them with markets outside their homeland.

The Fashion Meet BW event will begin as a Bi- Monthly affair and will provide a fashion show opportunity for the local designers to showcase on the same Platform as International Headlining designers mixed with networking sessions that will initiate lucrative relations between the Botswana designers and international designers. This is a new opportunity to get intimate with the international market of Fashion.  FMB is proud to launch on August 4th with Clavon Leonard, A New York based designer and label, who is most noted for his menswear.

Leonard finds his inspiration by fusing his cultural and moral experiences. Offering luxury garments and high-end leather accessories, he creates timeless pieces that unite classic style and trending movements in the hope of leaving a legacy of innovation and iconicism in fashion.  The Clavon brand has graced the likes of New York Fashion week and Vogue magazine with his designs and has tremendous international appeal.

At the age of twelve, Leonard had a dream of seeing people walk down the runway in his clothing. He did not fully comprehend the dream then, but saw the affinity for clothing and being well dressed grow as he watched his father. Appearance was important and his father’s care for style instilled in him his own passion to express himself through clothing. The freedom he found in fashion became limited as high school required uniforms. With that restriction, then came a greater awareness of his skin color. The experiences of high school pushed him to experiment with fabrics, colors, and patterns so his skin was not the only thing standing out. 

At age 51, Leonard Clavon is finally living the dream he had as a young boy, a testament that it is never too late to pursue what you love. From his first NYFW show with the Set NY in 2014, doors began to open.  In 2015, he showcased at Mercedes Benz New Zealand, Fashion Gallery NYFW, Fashion Week Los Angeles, to his stand alone show for NYFW in 2017.

His designs have been featured in publications such as British Vogue, Tatler, and British GQ. He has dressed and styled Carla Hall of ABC’s “The Chew”, pop music’s Frankie Zulferino, and NFL star Jonathan Casillas. In three years, business has surpassed what Clavon imagined he appreciates his entire team who have dedicated themselves to push this brand.



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