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Pilane dares Boko, Saleshando

Publishing Date : 03 September, 2018


The decision by the leadership of Botswana National Front (BNF) and Botswana Congress Party (BCP) to submit a new Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) constitution without the involvement of other partners is illegal and invalid, Advocate Sidney Pilane of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) has said.

Pilane, who is the leader of BMD and also one of the two Vice Presidents of UDC, revealed on local radio station, Duma FM on Thursday that such a decision by his counterparts was done without the authority of the UDC National Executive Committee (NEC). The stand-off which is now playing itself in public, has thrown the UDC into turmoil, casting doubts on the future of the coalition ahead of 2019 general elections.

Contrasting remarks from the UDC leadership paints a picture of a life of a party crumbling through different phases as it seeks to protect its image before the 2019 elections. It has been revealed that UDC President, Duma Boko and the second vice president Dumelang Saleshando submitted a constitution to the registrar last week Friday, on the eve of the decisive party conferences.

In an apparently calculated move, BNF and BCP have resolved that the UDC repossesses the constituencies allocated to BMD for redistribution, except the two constituencies where the party is incumbent. Pilane has indicated that such resolutions have no practical relevance to the affairs of the UDC since they are not UDC resolution. Pilane said, UDC will stand by what has been agreed during the negotiations.

The BMD leader has stated that the decision to register a new constitution was improper and would be revised. BMD together with Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) have since written to the Register of Societies indicating that he reject the constitution. 

 “We are not aware of that constitution; we only heard about it, we don’t know about it. Gore e kwadilwe ke mang sir. We should have approved it as the UDC NEC and we as the BMD and Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) wrote to the registrar telling them that we don’t recognise the constituion because we are not privy to the details and we were not part of that,” Pilane said.

The UDC has been using the old constitution which did not formally recognise BCP. This created anxiousness on the part of the BCP who were not sure as to whether they are in or out. The UDC has ever since February 24th resolved that they will craft another constitution that will recognize the BCP, this never materialized without a concrete reason advanced.

“In the new constitution they have written socking things. President is given power to expel member or to repossess constituencies form coalition partners for redistribution. This is not what was agreed, eo ga re e itse,” said Pilane. Pilane argued that the 2018 February purported congress, was just a consultative forum with no powers to alter was agreed during negotiations.

He also indicated that, as of now, BCP has not been formally admitted into the UDC, until a new constitution is submitted to the Register of Societies. The current constitution, registered in 2012 recognises only the founding members in BNF, BMD and BPP.  Pilane and BPP leadership has presented another one to the registrar nullifying the one submitted by Boko and Saleshando last week.

From their conferences the two main opposition has hinted that failure by the UDC to adopt their resolutions, they will pursue plan B. The plan according to those in the know will see the two movements leaving the UDC and forming their own coalition possibly with the Alliance for Progressives (AP) in the next year’s elections. Pilane has warned them about the possible plan. “It would be unlawful and unconstitutional for any party to leave the UDC without proper procedure and we will seek court redress should any party do that,” he warned.

Moeti Mohwasa on Pilane’s remarks

That constitution was as a result of the UDC NEC meeting resolutions in which each party had two representatives. We are told at the constitution negotiations, BMD representatives raise objections but they were dealt with we forged ahead with it.  That negotiation was a result of the February meeting decisions by the members.

For now we are focused on the UDC and we are not aware of anyone leaving the UDC because the 21 days ultimatum is yet to elapse. We are hopeful that sanity will prevail in the Umbrella and if anything comes up we will deal with it at the right platforms. Anything trying to weaken the UDC will be corrected. We want to retain all the constituencies given to UDC.




Do you think the courts will help put the UDC, BMD impasse within reasonable time ahead of the 2019 General Election?