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Edward Maloiso makes it to Arnold Classic Africa 2018

Publishing Date : 12 June, 2018


Edward King Maloiso is the first body builder from Botswana to compete in the Arnold Classic Africa upon invitation from the Arnold Classic Africa team. South Africa hosted the Arnold Classic Africa, one of the multi- sports festivals to be held on six- continents in 2018.

The competition which had attendance from over 12, 000 athletes from across the world, is the biggest fitness and sports festival in Africa. James J Lorimer, CEO of Classic Productions, Inc., who co-founded the Arnold Classic in Columbus with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, said the Arnold Classic Worldwide brand is now the largest series of multi- sport festivals in the world and they look forward to making each of their Arnold Classic weekends better than the previous best.     

Maloiso expressed excitement at the opportunity to possibly get his pro card if he placed first place at the competition; an opportunity that will cement his decade of dedication to the sport. His career as a body builder began in 2008; he has since participated in many national and international competitions earning him 11 Junior Championship titles.  However, the Arnold Classic Africa presented a new challenge for Maloiso as it was a world class event. Despite his intense preparation for the show however, Maloiso placed in the top 6.

He attributed the placement to his lack of size, stating “I was really well conditioned; my muscles where on full display however I did not manage to build size like my competitors. They were much bigger than me,” he said. While Maloiso was disappointed at his placement he did not let it deter him and is proud of the accomplishment.   

“It was a huge opportunity to learn, to grow and to network. I am glad for the invitation. But most of all I am glad for the journey to the competition. I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. I am thankful to the community of people around me, my parents, my sister, my friends and colleagues, the major muscle team and most importantly God. Even my sponsors who do much more than contribute money. I couldn’t have stayed on track without them,” he shared.

Although he is often known for threatening retirement after huge competitions he is more inspired by this one. The Major muscle team is currently trying to convince him to take up the two weeks long break his coach has instructed to allow his body to recuperate in preparation for the next show. Maloiso said he is enjoying being off season only because he gets to eat much more.

“I’ve been hungry for months now. But I can’t promise I’ll stay out of the gym for the full 14 days. Maybe 10 days. I’ll try for 10 days.” Major Muscle Fitness and the Edward King Maloiso team thank their sponsors of the event, Nice Touch Investments, Commercial Motors, Clean Force, One Stop Safety Shop, Links Pharmacy, Irena, Bres and NPL Botswana.



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