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Former coaches take on Gunners

Publishing Date : 04 June, 2018


Two former Extension Gunners gaffers, Keitumetse ‘Pio’ Paul and Daniel ‘Chico’ Nare will not think twice about sending the club to the cleaners, each demanding thousands of Pula for cases believed to be bordering on ‘unfair dismissal’.

It is reported that Pio Paul, now with newly promoted side Notwane, has served the Peleng based outfit with  a garnish application following the understanding that the team owes him a total of P70 000 after sacking him almost 3 years ago. Pio had long complained that Extension Gunners was ill- treating him and in the process failed to comply with the Employment Act when they sacked him three seasons ago. It is reported that Paul’s grievances were that Gunners management was failing to pay him as per the agreement and that at the time he started to complain, the Lobatse based club did not listen; instead, showing the door.

It is said Gunners made a gross error because Paul had signed two different contracts; one as an assistant coach and the other as head coach. Duration in either of the contracts was reportedly unspecified. Pio was appointed as an assistant coach to Calvin Peterson-who also left the club under a cloud.

To further complicate Gunners’ case, Nare, another former coach has dragged the club to Lobatse high court demanding money amounting to P 150 000. It is reported that Chico had loaned Gunners former chairman Phenyo Gothaang the said amount. The said football administrator has since passed on.  The case is expected to go for a roll call this week. Nare has also cited the estate of Gothaang together Gunners chairman Hennel Kaisara, who ascended to the top position after Gothaang passed on.

Gunners has had a tough spell with keeping coaches, in fact the axe wields faster at the team than any other in the country. At the time Pio was expelled, the club management was reportedly torn apart, as it was; there are some who it is said were against Pio being sacked, and those who were not supportive of Nare being brought aboard as the new coach.  

However, if there is anything the team should now worry about, it is that it has not gaped holes in the technical department to compete for the new season. They ought to tread carefully with the coach issues if they are keen on traversing the redemption road. Recently, the team has parted ways with Tsa Gae clothing label, trading as All Kasi.  The local company ran Gunners affairs through a management contract.

When reached for comment, Gunners spokesperson Edwin Mabapa said the club could not comment because Tsa Gae still has to hand over the team back to them.  “I am not in a position to give you an intelligent answer because we are still waiting for Tsa Gae to hand over the management of the team,” he said.



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