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Masisi ‘clean up’ not done yet!

Publishing Date : 21 May, 2018


President Mokgweetsi Masisi this week Wednesday held a meeting to discuss the axing of three more top government officials, WeekendPost has established. This comes on the back of the president firing former Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) Director, Isaac Kgosi, just two weeks ago.

When he assumed office, President Masisi promised to run consultative governance: in his decisions to fire, he consults a number of officials close to him. In this weeks’ meeting to continue his ‘clean up’ campaign he consulted with his Vice, Slumber Tsogwane, Minister of Presidential Affairs Nonofho Molefhi and his assistant Mochana Shamukuni. WeekendPost learns that, next to potentially face Masisi’s axe is Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Carter Morupisi, and it is understood that three ministers may attract his attention in the clean-up campaign.  

In an interview, one of the officials said to be in line to be axed, told this publication that, “We know that the president is going around saying he wants to instil confidence in Batswana by firing us. But, we are just waiting. He should bring it on. Many people are going to leave the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) because of Masisi’s leadership style,” he said, adding that should one of the said ministers be removed, he will move with his voters. “That one he shouldn’t even dare to touch.”

The official said a number of senior officials on contracts are going to lose their jobs when their contracts expire. “Many contracts are not going to be extended, and there is going to be a massive reshuffling.” Morupisi told this publication he has no idea that he would soon be shown the door.

In an interview with a political analyst, retired Professor Zibani Maundeni on Friday, he said, so far, he has never met people who are complaining about President Masisi’s moves. “I only met those praising what he is doing,” he said, adding that, “But we cannot deny that there were unhappy people out there. And really, for people to leave the BDP, they will have to be seriously hurt.” Maundeni went on to say that President Masisi was still new, and that, “We expect a lot of happenings to take place. We do not know what he has on store for us as yet.”

Another political analyst who spoke on condition of anonymity said he regrets remarks made by some of BDP veterans expressing dissatisfaction at the management style of President Masisi, particularly the axing of Kgosi. “Their action might slow Masisi’s plan to take action. President Masisi is only asserting what Batswana are desirers of. Contrary to misbelieve that people are leaving BDP because of what President Masisi is doing, Batswana today are looking for where BDP cards are manufactured,” he said.

He averred that BDP veterans were just trying to destroy President Masisi’s confidence to instil confidence in Batswana because many of them were involved in the schemes he is exposing. “But Batswana have demonstrated that the current president is so clever. They all ululated at the removal of Kgosi. They see that confidence is being installed back.” The political analyst went on to dismiss remarks that the new president should have waited a little while before firing people, saying, “Why should he wait? He has always been part of the same government, and these are things that he disagreed with.”

Concerning issues that President Masisi was just settling his scores, the analyst noted that while part of it could be true looking at the fact that some of these people side-lined him when he was still a vice president. “There was a strong belief that Khama was going to replace him before he vacated the office, but when he re-endorsed him (Masisi), many had already rubbed him the wrong way. But the fact of the matter is President Masisi was simply re-installing the government of the people by the people.”



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