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Donors delay P350 million traffic cameras project

Publishing Date : 10 April, 2018


Discussions between the World Bank and Botswana Government have delayed the launch of an intervention project aimed at upgrading traffic lights and install the Centralized Command Centre by Gaborone City Council (GCC) on the three main intersections.

The idea came to the fore in 2013 after a study by GCC under the Botswana Integrated Transport Project, funded by the World Bank called Greater Gaborone Multimodal Transport that was completed in 2011. The intent of the study was to find mitigation measures to congestion and malfunction of traffic lights with Gaborone as the case study.

Information presented to this paper shows that this could have started as early as 201314 financial year but a labyrinth of processes stalled everything. The Project had to undergo preparatory work in the form of a “Consultancy Services for conceptual design, preparation of bidding documents, assistance during the selection of contractor and monitoring supervision of construction, installation, operation and maintenance for Traffic signals modernization and provision of centralized traffic control for Greater Gaborone City,” deputy permanent secretary of transport Garekwe Mojaphoko revealed.

This, according Mojaphoko was to be carried out by a Consortium of Consultancy firms known as NAMA-ADK-PTV (Pty) Ltd effective 1st July 2013. Thus far the contract was awarded on 4th August 2017 and commenced on 20th November 2017 though it is unclear as to when it will be completed.

The project was awarded at P350, 000,000.00 for implementation contract which would include design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance. The overall objectives of this project according to the think tanks are to use a “New Traffic Management System” that comprises multiple systems using Field Equipment linked to the CTC building.

The system will also reduce traffic congestion at main intersections of Greater Gaborone and improve the mobility along corridors like the A1 Road from Rasesa through to Lobatse, Molepolole Road, Nelson Mandela Drive, and New Lobatse by using an adaptive system that will among other things operate through synchronization of junctions.

“The system will improve Road Safety aiming at reducing accidents with fatalities through use of speed violation cameras; Red Light Violation Cameras and CCTV cameras for traffic surveillance linked to the CTC Centre Communication Systems. It will also enhance safety by detecting and raising alarms for road incidences,” Mojaphoko said.

The project which is used in a number of developed nations like Switzerland and Qatar will have “Traffic counting stations” that will obtain data for strategic network control. It will also prioritize public transport at junctions and other emergency vehicles. When contacted for comment on the progress of the project, Mayor of Gaborone, Kagiso Thutlwe said the he too was in the dark. “It is not our project so I wouldn’t know as to how far it has gone; only after the relevant ministry finishes with it will it be handed over to us to manage as a council. What we can do is ask just like you as to how it is going.”



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