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Government considers scrapping off overtime

Publishing Date : 16 January, 2018


Government of Botswana is considering scrapping off the overtime allowance on all government employees. The move is aimed at saving money to create thousands of temporary jobs. But part of the union movement is not happy with the proposal.

Weekend Post has established that consultations on the matter are ongoing with the intention to call the allowance off to reduce the wage bill. Botswana Government wage bill is estimated at just under P18 billion annually. Minister of   Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Eric Molale has been instructed to consult with the Attorney General on the matter.

President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has also announced recently on national broadcaster, Botswana television hinting that government spends a lot on overtime and that action needs to be taken. The President indicated that about 5000 teaching posts will be created from the money saved.  This publication has gathered that ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) legislators are next week expected to sit and ponder on the issue as a standalone agenda item at its parliamentary party caucus in which a bold decision may emerge from the meeting.

According to a highly placed BDP legislator who preferred anonymity, the main intention by government is to cut the overtime to save more for other pressing national developments and projects particularly as it believes employees overuse and in some instances abuse the overtime. “Government pays close to 400 million pula on overtime annually. If we cut the money it will be used for creating employment of around 3000 to 4000 positions in government,” the BDP lawmaker told this publication.

He said the thousands employment portfolios will include among others employing temporary teachers to fulltime, employing full time teachers at public pre-schools across the country. The BDP legislator added that more posts will be created for absorption of district veterinary officers (bakenti le balemisi). “This will also cut the wage bill by reducing some aimless employees who usually play morabaraba under trees because have no job to do,” the source added.

However, careful of the repercussion to the civil servants voting pattern at the polls following the stopping of the overtime, the Member of Parliament (MP) cautioned the party to exercise restraint on the matter and deliberate with such electorates in mind. He observed: “you know that we are going to the 2019 General Elections and we have to be very careful about this matter as it can back fire at the polls. We already know we are not appealing to the civil servants as we are not of their liking. They prefer to elect for opposition than BDP as evidenced in the last 2014 elections.”

Meanwhile labour unions particularly Botswana Federation of Public, Private and Parastatal Sectors Union (BOFEPUSU) have raised the red flag over the overtime scrapping proposals and recent amendment of labour statutes which are done at a supersonic speed. The statutes which regulate the labour are all under review or have already being reviewed like the Trade Dispute Act (TDA), Employment Act, Trade Unions and Employers Organisations. According to BOFEPUSU Labour Secretary Johnson Motshwarakgole, the laws are amended to align them to International labour Organisations (ILO) standards and conventions.

He said they are worried that the government has excluded the Public Service Act in the ongoing amendments despite ILO suggesting that it also amends in consultation with labour. On overtime, Motshwarakgole said he has caught wind of the proposed stopping of overtime for public servants. He however pointed out from the onset that they expect thorough consultations on the matter before effected.

The nonconformist union leader also proposed that the overtime should not be totally discontinued but rather should be replaced with at least a ‘committed overtime’ amounting to around 15/20/25% of employees salaries. “But this one is not good as workers can be easily exploited.” Motshwarakgole said adding that overtime should not be worked if it gets stopped at the end and all workers should just work the normal 8 hours.

On his part BOFEPUSU Secretary General Tobokani Rari said if the government stops the overtime it will be a gross violation of workers’ rights. “This shows that the BDP is ill-informed on workers’ rights. But again it is impractically impossible to stop overtime, unless there will be literally no work beyond the 8 hours scope of work,” he warned. Meanwhile, for the first time, Botswana made it to the top 40 countries at the International Labour Conference that are regarded as violators of the core conventions of the ILO.

Botswana was charged with violation of convention 87 because they have amended the TDA and in amending it they made employees who are not within the framework definition of ILO regarded as essential services but were made essential services. According to Rari, this is a dent on the democratic credentials of a country and a major highlight for this year. He stressed that it happened under the watch of the BDP government and the outgoing President Khama and therefore if there is anything that he will get out of office feeling guilty of it is one of them because he allowed it to happen under his nose.



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