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Chobe Holdings responds to Khumaga claims

Publishing Date : 26 September, 2017

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We note that in recent news articles you have repeatedly stated that His Excellency the President and Honorable Minister, Tshekedi Khama have commercial interests in Chobe Holdings Limited. Please be aware neither of the above have any interest, direct or indirect, commercial or otherwise in Chobe Holdings Limited. As a publicly quoted company this is information freely available from our transfer secretaries Messrs DPS Consulting in Gaborone or indeed, even directly from ourselves.

Dale Ter Haar on the other hand is a non-executive, independent director of Chobe Holdings Limited. This means that whilst he is one of the nine directors, he has no shareholding, direct or otherwise, in the Chobe Holdings Group. In the interests of truth we ask that you please acquaint your reading public with the above facts.

Further, the matter of the placement of the Boteti fence has indeed become a vexatious issue. What is clear we would believe, to all parties, is the very necessity for the fence, to protect the pastoral communities from wild animal predation including foot and mouth disease and on the other hand to protect wildlife from poaching and other forms of illegal hunting, but at no time has Chobe Holdings played any role, nor indeed been invited, to play any role in the actual alignment of the fence.

Chobe Holdings has however always maintained that if the fence is aligned in such a way that it will accommodate further lodges, camp sites etc, this could bring enormous commercial, multiple benefits and entrepreneurial opportunities to the very communities you refer to, for it has clearly demonstrated in Northern Botswana that the commercial exploitation of wildlife has proven to be both sustainable and invariably successful whilst the benefits of pastoral farming on the dry semi desert hinterland has largely failed to deliver on its promises.

We strongly recommend, that it is in the public interest, that before you embark on the publication of such articles, you take the time to reach out to other parties involved in the key issues at stake. We have no doubt your readership will enjoy alternative views which will go a long way to create better informed public. Jonathan M Gibson is the CEO and Deputy Chairman of Chobe Holdings Limited.



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