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Music Festival Booked For This Year Will Continue

Publishing Date : 29 September, 2017


At a press briefing to address a directive that was issued last week from the Office of the President and condemn what happened at the National Stadium during the GIMC Music festival, Minister Olopeng said contrary to the directive all music festival booked for this year will continue. The Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development said it was never the intention of the promoter but certain individuals who decided to behave like something else. "This industry has the potential to change this economy around". Olopeng said they have submitted a proposal to Cabinet in which they are trying to map the way forward, unfortunately he could not divulge much with the media.

"If people behave they way they did and blame it on alcohol then they must stop drinking", he said. The press briefing was also attended by Permanent Secretary to the President Cater Morupisi.



Do you think the closure of BCL will compel SPEDU to double their efforts in creating job opportunities in the Selibe Phikwe?