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Star Quest scouts for teen talent

Publishing Date : 07 August, 2017


Star Quest Botswana will debut as the country’s biggest talent search for teenage and pre-teen singing acts, with prizes and opportunities for those teens aimed at developing their talent.

The music competition offers a fantastic opportunity to not only show off teenagers’ talents to industry professionals, but also for them to develop as an act in a highly competitive industry. Auditions for Star Quest Botswana start in October and, this year, more than 100 people are expected to enter, from singers and singer/songwriters to rappers and vocal groups. All genres are welcome at the music competitions, and acts can perform covers or their original songs. The competition will, going forth, be an annual event.

In an interview with WeekendLife, Ikanyeng Galebotswe, the President and Founder of the Star Quest highlighted that Star Quest is just a music competition but a fantastic opportunity for competitors to show off their talent to music industry professionals, develop as an act, and gain valuable media attention and exposure. If one makes it through the music competition auditions to the live shows, they will perform to large audiences and music industry judges at some of the country’s top music competition venues.
“Star Quest gives you the chance to develop and test how good you are. Whatever your ability or experience we provide feedback and development along the way. Who knows where it could lead!” he further explained.

Galebotswe explained that the auditions are divided into three age categories so anyone 19 or under can enter the competition.  He further explained that Star Quest is for those who have a passion for singing or dancing, or even both. Categories are Pre-Teens: 12 and Under, Mid-Teens: 13-15 and Late-Teens: 16-19. “Throughout the Star Quest Botswana competition there are thousands of pula's worth of prizes up for grabs. Prizes include free performance photos and filming plus performances at Great Venues with 1st position going with P20 000, 2nd position with P10 000 and finally 3rd Position: P7 000,” Galebotswe revealed. He further added that the winner will win recording studio time to record their album and a music video of their single. Both overall winners will also gain extensive media promotion from a professional PR agency.

Galebotswe, though new to the talent search world, has no fears for competitors or rivals alike. “As for competition and staying in the game, My Star is no threat to us rather it's an opportunity. Last time I checked we have no 'Botswana has got Talent', according to my research it was just a dream; having a show such as that requires franchising the main show which is based in the United States of America. The organizers followed no such procedure as a result it couldn't continue,” he revealed.



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