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Battling the Divas

Publishing Date : 19 June, 2017

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Creative Director and celebrated theatre personality, Aldo Brincat, is assembling some of Botswana’s finest musical talent, for his new production, entitled ‘Battling the Divas’.

According to Aldo, ‘Battling the Divas’ pits our local songbirds, against legends such as Whitney, Beyonce, Celine, Christina, Aretha, Toni, Jennifer and many more, all of whose names we know. Speaking of the idea behind his production, Aldo commented: “I have always wanted to create a music production that focuses on the beauty and power of the female voice.

Battling the Divas is a production that celebrates the skill, vocal dexterity and athletic power needed to deliver some of the greatest songs in recent history. After years of searching, I have found the talent I am looking for, right here in Botswana, and we are finally ready to go!”

The great power songs of recent history hit all listeners hard with their vocal power, sentimental lyrics, and romantic music arrangements. “We want a show that puts all those elements LIVE, on a stage for all to see and hear. I can guarantee audiences will be impressed and moved by this sophisticated and polished production”, said Aldo.

Another objective espoused by Aldo Brincat is to encourage and help develop Botswana’s vocal talent, especially (but not limited to) that of young women, and to give ladies and other youths a platform from which to display and promote that talent. An important aspect is that the music list is not restricted to any one genre, but does require very high levels of skill as well as physical strength for correct delivery.

The show, ‘Battling the Divas’, is restricted to adults only. There are to be no distractions from the magic on stage for both the performers as well as the audience. “We will be working very hard for 75 minutes, to ensure your favourite anthems are rendered with respect, power and tenderness, just the way you know them in your heart”, added Aldo.

There are also a few surprises for the audience, which will not be mentioned here; suffice it is to say that audiences will be delighted by the innovative way the show is presented. While it will be sophisticated, and will encompass very glamorous, elegant elements, from a glittering wardrobe featuring top Botswana designer creations, to special lighting, the show will attempt to breathe fresh life and wonder into these already iconic songs. There are pieces to cater to more than one generation of music lovers.

Some of Botswana’s leading vocalists have been assembled for this extravaganza. These are not simply women who sing for fun, or at church on a Sunday, but artists who are highly capable and respected in the music industry, both locally and abroad, due to their incredible vocal prowess. The talented cast: the vocal power of a trio of ladies will be showcased – Vivien Dakpo, Closet diva, nature lover and consumer of all things artistic, Vivien D transforms from corporate business woman into a soul singer at the drop of a hat.



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