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Let us be Champions of Democracy

Publishing Date : 06 November, 2014


We have reached an hour once more where as a nation we have to defend the principles of democracy. Firstly, we ought to glorify the Almighty God for having jealously guarded against the evil of injustice and the mutilation of democracy, freedom, peace and tranquillity in the past 48 years.

God’s mercies upon us have been amazing and our heritage as a nation has been glorious and colourful although today it appears as though the desperado to ascend to or maintain power will subject this nation to an ugly socio-political misery.

Some political squadrons have ventured into dirty politics characterized by ugly scenes of poetic and dramatic character assassination which is geared towards devouring the calibre of other political nemesis. Such acts will not help us as a nation but rather will plant seeds of agony and hatred amongst us, which ultimately will tarnish the good name of our beloved God given country. Isn’t it that we pledge to be a nation which respects the principles of botho and the dignity of Others?  

A democracy is and should be pursued by people who are eager to endure the pains and sorrows of losing power to others who have been democratically mandated by the masses to rule. Democracy as a system of governance has tears of joy and sorrows of being voted out.

When all this happen to us we ought to bow-out of the race of governance and hand over the button of leadership to those whom the masses have pronounced to be more capable to create a new legacy of leadership in our nation. The time for petty and destructive politics in Botswana should be over as we all much to the polls to reflect to the world once more that we can be champions of democracy.

Our assignment should be on dwelling on the bread and butter issues of the socio-economic and political circumstances of every Motswana. Our task as a nation should be on the furthering of freedoms, promoting peace, cherishing solidarity, improving the lives of those Batswana who live is squatters, ethically advancing programmes which will give food to the hungry and the poor, and above all-we should ascertain that every Motswana feels safe as we advance security measures which respect the human rights of all under the planet earth.


Our God is a God of peace and our assignment as a nation is to create a platform where all will feel secure in their sleep and in their walk. Should we fail to understand and appreciate that every person has been created in the image of God, and fail by all means to protect God’s breathe in them, surely at the end of the moment our Lord of Lords will judge us harshly as a nation. Let social harmony reign as we move forward laudably to advance human freedoms.

It is easy to destroy the institution of democracy especially in instances where people become so power hungry to the degree that they cannot stand those who are ideologically different from them. I have warned several times throughout my academic and journalistic writings that democracy is about respecting diversity and being able to listen even to those voices we hate the most.

The cult of hating those who hold a different opinion from ours will never construct the walls of democracy, rather it will trigger the evil of an eye-for-an eye which consequently will erode the base for peaceful co-existence.

Let freedom reign in the ears of every Motswana as we march towards the polling stations on October 24th. Let peace reign over hatred and evil.  Let us guard against violence and terror in a country which have experienced peace for more than four decades.

Let us prepare our hearts for the best as well as the worst case scenarios. Above all, let us wish all the victors well while we help nurse the wounds of those who will fall. Finally, let us take cognizance of the great words of John F. Kennedy that, “We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier.” To God be thy glory as we all become champions of democracy in this historic elections.

Prof. Agreement Lathi Jotia is a Democracy and Education Specialist at the University of Botswana



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