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How GIMC benefited business

Publishing Date : 12 September, 2016


The Gaborone International Music and Culture Week (GIMC), has come and its gone, with this year’s edition almost surpassing its prospect with the week-long events having benefited the business community in and around the capital Gaborone.

The diamond city was sparkling the whole of last week with more than 13, 000 spectators mostly coming from neighbouring South Africa attending the music festival at the National Stadium where big names such as DJ Fresh and Black Coffee were pitted together.

The much anticipated and most decorated week in the country’s Arts calendar has been making headlines for quite some time now after its successful inauguration three years ago. The 2016 edition has once again re- written history, exposing our crème de la crème pitted amongst the best in the region.   

Small business community have benefitted from the week long festivities that has now become synonymous with the brand that is currently rated amongst the top ten events to attend in Africa. The Gaborone International Music and Culture Week (GIMC), is held to celebrate Gaborone and the culture of Batswana through music, festival, comedy, poetry, jazz, choral, cultural performances among other activities. The 2016 edition included for the first time theatre which brought together some of the country’s best theatre production under one roof.   

The event caters for everyone’s unique tastes so that no one feels left out during the week’s events. Only the best international, regional and local artists are chosen to perform at GIMC in order to afford good quality performances for the attendees to get their money’s worth. The transportation business such as combis, taxis and cabs benefited as they took people to various destinations to attended the shows. The accommodation and security companies are amongst those who benefited from extending their services to GIMC. The Saturday event at the national stadium saw companies selling beverages and ice blocks around Gaborone making more proceeds as everyone was preparing for a night out at the National Stadium.    

In line with international trends and standards, Gaborone is once again counted amongst the likes of Cape Town, Harare, Mbabane as it plays host to Botswana’s biggest music and culture event. The event is now pitted amongst Cape Town International Music Festival, Makufe, Reed Dance and Victoria Falls Carnival Festival in the region. It is not yet clear in terms of percentages as to how the event boosts the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but it does however play a very significant role in boosting the economy through the entertainment industry.

Once more Batswana came out in numbers to make this show the next biggest event of all times. Stakeholders also came in numbers to give their support to take it to greater heights; in years to come its impact should resemble a true Africa success story, the future Africa’s grandest gathering.

The event organiser Fish Pabalinga said their success comes from their hard work and the experience they have in event organising as LeapFrog Company. He says to organise an event of that magnitude takes time and needs dedication. He praised his team at Leapfrog for finally managing to take off the event of that magnitude. “Even though we are still on the errands of calculating, the 2016 event was monetarily a success and showed a great improvement in all aspects”, said Pabalinga and saluted the sponsors, “Thumbs up to Standard Chartered Bank and Stanbic Bank for coming on board and being a pillar that stood behind GIMC by show of extending a helping hand that has gone unnoticed throughout the whole week. Such ingenuity deserves a pat on the back and more stakeholders are advised to do the same.”

Pabalinga wishes to see more involvement from corporate Botswana as he feels their support is wanting. He states that most of all the other international festivals that GIMC has been listed with get support from international companies who also have presence in Botswana. He says the 2016 show listed 50 artists to perform in recognition of Botswana’s Golden Jubilee and all of them turned up and they were all paid. This Year is a social one and GIMC has pulled all stops to showcase how far our music and arts industry has come.

Part of GIMC's vision is to keep growing outside Botswana borders and lure as many tourists as possible. Their vision is to grow this event into one of the biggest in the region.



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