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Overthrust to represent Africa at German Metal intercultural exchange

Publishing Date : 01 August, 2016


Botswana’s most decorated metal band and 2015 winner of the Death Metal Band Award at the African Metal Awards, Overthrust continues to defy the odds penetrating international markets, although their genre is not well appreciated locally. The Ghanzi outfit has been chosen to perform at the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg- Germany from July 31st until the August 21st 2016.

“Overthrust from Ghanzi, Botswana has been chosen to represent Rock/Metal music from Africa at Kampnagel Humburg. Kampnagel is one of the most outstanding and biggest art centres in Europe. It is known as a major platform for innovative performance, theatre, dance and other related arts in the international as well as local context,” reads a statement from Kampnagel.

According to their schedule, on Saturday 13th August at Karlsruhe they will perform at the show which is organised by Sascha at Wakcen where they will be joined by the Society Prison Complex and Great Hardcore/Grindcore with old Friends. After a brief tour of Germany they will travel to Köln (Cologne) and will be back to Hamburg to the main show on Wednesday (17 August). This will be the final show and the main reason why Overthrust will be in Germany. They will perform alongside their friends Manuel’s band-Ultha, a Black Metal band from Germany.

Overthrust is a 5 piece old school death metal band originating from Ghanzi, and was established in 2008 but only became active in 2010. The band plays very extreme underground rock music usually referred to as ‘old school death metal’. Band front man and core founder, “Tshomarelo Mosaka aka Vulture Thrust” was inspired and influenced by a well- known guitarist, Tumelo Matshameko aka Stux Daemon from the first local death metal band - “Wrust”.

The band plays a very raw, aggressive dirty sound and lyrics with horrific underground cold deep growling vocals, heavily distorted guitars with no clean sound at all, heavily fast double blast drum beats. More of their inspiration includes Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary, Wrust, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Possessed, Immolation and Broken Hope.

Overthrust theme of songs is mostly about dirty deeds, reality of life, death and morbid subjects. They recorded their single album-Freedom in the dark in April 2011, and their debut album (Desecrated Deeds To Decease) was released in May 2015 with 9 tracks. They played in many local shows including Botswana’s biggest metal shows and featured in a number of international shows amongst them METAL4AFRICA in Cape Town, South Africa in February, GOROFEST African Cross Countries in October. They will be touring Europe for the first time this year.

In March 2011 they recorded their single “Freedom in the Dark” at Stux Daemon Studio. The track gained them international attention and they were featured in international media more especially European Magazines such as Vice Magazine from UK, Webzine from France, and by Swedish and American photojournalists. The Photojournalist who made their dream come true by covering and keeping a track of their work is Frank Marshall from South Africa. Their song “Freedom in the Dark” was played in world metal radio station, Swedish Radio Station and also online via MySpace and YouTube.



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