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Stop The Rot At 49 Years!

Publishing Date : 27 September, 2015

Author : EDITOR

Botswana’s democracy was not founded as result of luck neither was it an accident. There were calculated intentions and efforts geared towards ensuring that Batswana become the peaceful nation they are today. This is what should be at the back of our minds as we celebrate 49 years of Independence next week.

The founding principles of this nation helped us to appreciate and uphold the three arms of government – Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary – We know the importance or value of separation of powers. This is what should drive our Independence celebration next week.

The situation we find ourselves in today, where the Judiciary is almost at crisis level; Where there is discord at Legislature; And there is just fiery bad blood between the Government and some organs like the media – should make us worry about our tomorrow. Our Independence festivities next week should take this into mind.

As a publication we are worried by these developments because they have given room to unnecessary polarisation of our society. It is unfortunate that we have forgotten our ideals as Batswana which are inherent with our language.

Molemo wa kgang ke go buiwa, Ntwa kgolo ke ya molomo, are some of the common Setswana lines which were coined to help shape our dialogue as a nation. 49 years of Independence and this has kept us going people!

We have become so poisonous to one another. We are a nation that appreciated diversity and pluralism, but today our people especially those in the political leadership have somersaulted on these core values. Holding a different opinion has become a poisoned chalice; speaking the truth has become a taboo! But for 49 years as an Independent State, we were a closely knit people because Mahoko a mathong!

Reasonable men and women are now afraid to take part in national debates because they fear the so called ‘backlash’ and or insults that may be hauled at them; or just simply being labelled bootlickers, agents or enemies of the state – which ever corner they may be aligned to. For 49 years we have had people holding divergent views, and the country developed!

Our society is degenerating - we must fix these things before it is too late. Social media is a good technological development but our character on these platforms leaves a lot to be desired. This is where our founding principles of Botho and Therisanyo among others are being murdered literally. For 49 years we have developed men and women of character, what has happened now?!

We have over 2 million human brains in Botswana. Why should we expect the encephalon to coordinate individual thoughts uniformly – surely we are bound to differ! What is important is that, in our disagreements we must agree and settle for workable solutions. As we celebrate 49 years of Independence next week, we should seriously ponder on our conduct and character as a society.

We have become so self-centred to an extent that the country matters very little. We forget that there is a tomorrow; we forget that we have so many generations behind who should inherit an intact country. The foundations of the once noble society have been rendered dubious because self-interests.

Our forefathers are probably turning in their graves as we continue the mudslinging. A nne modiga betsho – from the judges war, to the media and the unions war, we all can celebrate 49 years of Independence and plan the future on a clean slate.



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