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The Bitcoin Legacy

Publishing Date : 08 January, 2019


Tribute to Christine Ndu Ramakhubu-Lempaletse

There is a popular quote by an unknown author that says, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Once you figure out which it is, then you know exactly what to do.” I found myself reflecting on this saying when news of the passing of Christine Ndu Ramakhubu-Lempaletse broke out. I must confess that I hardly knew Christine except that she is a very close friend’s sister and that she had just recently signed up for Bitcoin mining with our team, The Dream Team. However, in our brief encounter a lot of the strong, focused, determined, avant-garde character her sister often spoke about, came through.

The Dream Team is an offshoot of Crypto-Giants which is an affiliate of AchieversKlub (ACK) digital currency entrepreneurs from across the world. The group has come together to explore the great new business and investment opportunities presented by the emerging decentralized digital currency or cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin using the BitClub Network business model.

Established in 2014, BitClub Network is a global wealth creating company for the digital currency market. The distribution network helps its members participate in the blockchain technology and accumulate digital assets such as Bitcoin. By combining a crowd funded mining pool with the power of an affiliate payment structure, BitClub Network presents an exceptional opportunity for members to leverage their earning potential unlike any other investors in this space. BitClub Network allows its members to build a global business using its attractive affiliate marketing opportunity. 

Christine’s enrollment into the BitClub Networking fold was a classic example of what most of us go through with our investments and pension schemes. We all know the drill, the mantra is repeated incessantly throughout our schooling and working life, “Whatever you do, put aside some money and prepare for life after retirement!” American businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki put the retirement concept more bluntly for the young and ambitious in his book, “Retire young, retire rich!”

When it came to retirement planning, Christine did everything by the book. The 56 year old retired school head worked diligently her entire life to ensure that she had a tidy sum put aside for life after work and her dependents inheritance in the event of her death. However, after 25 years of loyal and distinguished service to the noble profession, Christine received an unpleasant awakening by the contraction of her pension payout. As has become a reality for all who have reached retirement stage, what she received after all the years of saving for her retirement was way less than what she expected.

The situation had been made worse by the fact that her pension fund, the Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF), has been marred by controversy in recent years, “most ranging from political interference, corruption and other forms of maladministration.” BPOPF is the third largest pension fund in Africa with an asset value worth over P55 billion, and bigger than Botswana’s entire banking sector. 

Coincidently, it was at this stage of her life that The Dream Team presented the BitClub Network business and investment opportunity to Christine. In a strange turn of events, The Dream Team’s pitch to Christine happened amidst the deafening noise of a speculative Bitcoin bubble by crypto skeptics and naysayers. Nonetheless, the nonconformist she was, she refused to be swayed by the prevailing pessimistic commotion.

Christine was a rear breed, a discerning, headstrong and open-minded individual who had an entrepreneurial streak in her genetic makeup and did not sheepishly follow the flock. When presented with the BitClub Networks opportunity of, ‘prosperity in the second era of the internet,’ she did not hide her initial apprehension of the technology but still proceeded to ask hard and pointed questions about the networking company’s digital assets and how this could benefit her and her dependents.

In spite of the uncertainties and the bleak outlook painted by the deceitful gang of crypto-pessimists, Christine conducted her own due diligence, and once she was satisfied with the responses she was given, she overcame her earlier anxieties about the technology and signed up to become one of the earlier members of The Dream Team. She refused to listen to the delusional chorus of crypto-bashers who are fighting the disruptive power of digital currencies that threaten the conventional financial system and its world currency dominance. As soon as she was converted, Christine became a staunch and enthusiastic crypto evangelist. She was quick to adopt to the new technologies and position herself to benefit from the opportunities presented by the BitClub Network franchise.

A committed Christian and seasoned business woman who dabbled in farming, Christine assumed her BitClub Network membership with immense passion, dedication and determination to succeed. At the time she lived in Gaborone West with her twin brother, Christopher Lempaletse and held a senior position, Mma Mookami at The Holy Bontle Apostolic Church in Zion. She had immediately drawn up a long list of prospects she intended to introduce to the business.

The list comprised of individuals from family, friends, acquaintances, church members and former colleagues from her long and illustrious service in the teaching profession. The consummate professional she was, Christine had also immediately ordered business cards to give her business networking enterprise some professional flair and authenticity. In a tragic turn of events, Christine was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer soon after her enrollment into BitClub Network.

Her condition rapidly deteriorated thereafter and after fierce battle with the disease, she sadly succumbed to it on the 16th of October, 2018. Her body was laid to rest at her ancestral home in Sebina on 21st October. The true crypto convert she was, Christine left a Will that all her three children and three grandchildren be bequeathed with BitClub Network mining Pools (Shares) as a lasting and impactful legacy of her love and care for them. Set at appropriate repurchase percentages, the partial share purchase of the mining Pools assures her dependents a lifetime of uninterrupted mining and daily earnings of Bitcoin mining dividends.    

As I reflect on the adage that says, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime,” it becomes clear that the brief but impactful instance when Christine’s life crossed with mine demonstrates that it is not late to invest in Bitcoin. Our paths crossed because of Bitcoin and despite the inordinate barriers she faced in the uptake of this ground-breaking technology she prevailed. Bitcoin continues to thrive despite an elaborate smear campaign that calls the digital asset a, “Ponzi scheme, a scam and a financial and asset bubble that is about to burst.”

Award winning business and photojournalist, Jay Caboz writes that, “we live in a world where there are prevailing prejudicial attitudes towards older people and that this discrimination and stereotyping views the elderly as dependent, non-contributing members of society who are averse to technology.” He says that in the developing world, especially in Africa, so strong is the stereotype of elderly digital dunce that the ageist perception has often become a self-fulfilling prophesy that reinforces the myth that the elderly are not only technologically fearful but also technologically challenged and incompetent.

However, while the mind-blowing technological advances of the fourth industrial revolution are purported to have left many Baby Boomers and the Generation X cohorts in absolute awe and many more quite simply overwhelmed, I find the speed and passion with which Christine disabused herself of the crypto bashers misinformation commendable and her investment in Bitcoin inspiring for those considered to be technology fearful and, “late adaptors who struggle to keep up with the pace and scale of change in the digital age.” Christine dispelled the erroneous and misplaced perceptions that suggest that her generation is fearful and show a low adjustment to the advent of new technologies.

In the end, Christine proved to be a technologically astute, shrewd and decisive business woman. She was able to outsmart the current financial system which robbed her of her life savings through corruption, mismanagement and attrition of returns in pension funds.  She was quick to see the promise of the Bitcoin revolution to, “bring more of the worlds population out of poverty than anything we have ever witnessed before.” She is counted among the country’s early Bitcoin adopters, a game-changing pensioner who defied the odds and embraced technology long before its benefits were obvious to many.

She was among the first of her contemporaries to see the blockchain technology as, “the grand connector and value-adding novelty and opportunity creator in the economic and social spheres of our lives.” She is the celebrated champion of the world’s first digital currency. Christine is the Bitcoin royalty who bequeathed her children with Bitcoin, the world’s most prolific digital asset and the fastest global currency.

She left her children a consummate inheritance, a truly lasting legacy of daily Bitcoin earnings for the rest of their lives. An asset that is better than the traditional assets such as cattle which is labour intensive; cash which is fast losing its value; commodities with their inflated expectations; and real estate which remains illiquid. Christine’s Bitcoin legacy will be handed down from generation to generation, compounding an enduring generational wealth for her descendants and ensuring them a better quality of life. Christine is survived by 3 children, 3 grandchildren, her mother and 15 siblings. May her soul rest in peace.



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