BPC consulting firm: Hoping for the best

The Board of the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), probably in consultation with the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources has taken a decision to engage a management consulting firm to run and optimise the operations of the Corporation. The decision bring in a team with experience and unmatched competence in this area will not attract too many wish-washy questions, but rather the end result of the three year contract will be the most scrutinised. We are all alive to the problems posed by the power cuts and general undersupply of electricity on Botswana and across the southern Africa region. We can only hope that the management firm has some form of panacea. Life is not easy for businesses and individuals who continue to bear the consequences of shut downs and power cuts. Thin profit margins are slipping through their fingers as a result. The management firm can only help us to optimise operations at the BPC, hopefully at a reasonable cost. That we are in trouble is now a broken record. ESBI is one of Europe’s most progressive and commercially focused electricity consultancy firms, with a strong international track record. As a general understanding, management consultants help organisations to solve issues... read more

Tati West: BNF, BPP divided on wards allocation PDF Print E-mail

• BPP accuses the BNF of greed
• BNF walks out of the crisis meeting
• BPP’s Gudu says all will be well soon

READY TO COMPROMISE: BNF members in the area advised to compromise



Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) partners in Tati West constieuncy are quarrelling over ward allocations. The rift has almost spiralled out of control and the leadership of the Botswana People’s Party (BPP) and the Botswana National Front (BNF) in the constituency was forced to call for a second crisis meeting last week Saturday.

The second meeting comes after the BNF team walked out of a meeting held a fortnight ago, also distancing themselves from any agreements made at that meeting.

BPP and BNF members accuse each other of greed and failure to adhere to the UDC strategic rules on ward allocations. The Tati West Constituency has nine wards namely: Moroka; Masunga; Ngulubane; Kalakamati; Mosojane; Mapoka; Zwenshambe; Ramokgwebana and Makaleng.

BPP’s Richard Gudu, who is the 2014 parliamentary candidate for the area told WeekendPost in an interview that he cannot hide the fact that there are differences between the two parties. However, he stressed that these differences are not along party lines but rather among a few individuals.

Gudu, who lost to Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s Charles Tibone in the 2009 hastened to add that: “UDC has set the rules on ward allocations and the members who have been selected did well in the past elections. BNF wants two wards but we have given them only one ward as per the rules of the UDC.”

Asked to comment on the walkout from last week’s UDC meeting, Gudu pleaded ignorance. He also declined to discuss other parties through the media. “I think its better you ask them,” he said.


WeekendPost has gathered that one of the BNF leaders made it known that they did not want to be part of the meeting resolutions after realising that their demands or expectations would not be met.

Following that, the remaining UDC members proposed and agreed that they write a letter to the UDC regional Coordinator explaining the events and further requesting a meeting to consider the issues again.

BPP campaign coordinator, Mbaakanyi Smart confirmed the events of the meeting meeting: “It is true that we had a few differences that led to some walking out and we have written a letter to the party leadership requesting another meeting which will be held on Saturday (today),” he said in an interview.

Smart also echoed Gudu’s words that UDC has set rules which are the guiding principles on how the issue of wards allocation should be approached. In the past elections, BDP won all the wards except for two which were won by BPP which also came second to the BDP in all the wards.

The UDC agreement, although it emphasises past elections perfomance, also advices that partners be given something where the need arises.

Smart admitted that they are aware of BNF’s grievances and demands but added that today’s meeting in Makaleng is expected to quell the chaos. Sources say that the BNF has threatened to desert BPP if they are sidelined. Smart said they have not yet taken the matter to UDC topmost leadership saying they are still hopeful that the region will adress the matter.

UDC will be battling it out at general elections slated for October this year, with Botswana Congress Party’s Dr Philip Bulawa and BDP’s Biggie Butale who replaces the retiring Charles Tibone as the party candidate.


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